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Skin Clinic Sydney and Laser Clinic Sydney With Australia’s Leading Doctors

Academy Laser Clinics specialise in world leading laser treatments and advanced cosmetic medical procedures to address the common aesthetic and lifestyle concerns of aging. Our medical facilities in Sydney and Perth offer proven technologies, innovative techniques and decades of experience across our Doctors, Aesthetic Nurses and Dermal Therapists.

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Over time, aging, stress, sun exposure, acne, hormonal changes and many other factors take their toll on our appearance and quality of life. Natural regeneration of skin cells slows down, which gives rise to wrinkles, pigmentation, lax tissue and a decline in the desired youthful appearance. Of course taking sensible precautions such as using sunscreen can help to reduce these unwanted effects, but no matter how meticulous you are with your creams and peals, they aren’t going to provide a long term solution.

Visit our skin clinic Sydney to find out about long lasting anti aging solutions. One of our leading solutions is CO2 laser resurfacing, the gold standard in anti aging and skin rejuvenation treatments.  It’s a powerful and advanced tecnhology that can be used for nearly every skin type and many conditions.

results from our skin clinic SydneyIf you dislike your wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven pigmentation, acne or surgical scars, sebaceous hyperplasia (yellow bumps), lichen sclerosis, warts or stretch marks, then CO2 DOT laser treatment is for you. Setting a new standard for skin rejuvenation, the DOTs lead to skin contraction and peeling, plus the thermal heat causes immediate collagen shrinkage – you’ll notice a difference in how firm and clear your skin is immediately after laser recovery, although it can take up to 6 months to see the full results of your treatment and the remodelling/tightening of new collagen continues for up to one year. CO2 DOT laser provides long term improvement in skin condition.  For many people, a single session provides material improvement in complexion. However, patients with deeper wrinkles, stretch marks or acne scars, will need a series of treatment sessions, spaced at least one month apart. The best options for your skin concerns will be discussed during your consultation.

We can offer precise customisation and intensity with laser treatments at our facial rejuvenation clinic, depending upon the skin condition to be addressed. Generally, the more intense the treatment the better the result but this comes with a longer recovery period. Your personal circumstances and available downtime will be factored into your treatment program. The outcome is a smoothing of fine lines, clearing of pigment, plumping of scar tissue and generally younger and fresher looking skin.  If you’re looking for acne scar treatment or skin tightening, then visit our laser clinic Sydney and reap the rewards for yourself.

Mona Lisa TouchVaginal atrophy treatment with mona lisa touch laser. Helping Australian women is a treatment for vaginal atrophy, sexual discomfort, laxity and incontinence or frequent urination symptoms. It’s a quick and painless treatment – taking just 10 minutes and is proven to be effective at treating a number of symptoms, including: vaginal dryness or itch, thin tissue that tears easily, painful intercourse, mild prolapse, loss of elasticity and tone, lichen sclerosis, UTIs plus common urinary incontinence.  Around half of all women will experience at least one of these symptoms at some point during their lives. Most commonly, this is caused by a natural decline in oestrogen – an essential hormone for maintaining the health and function of vaginal and bladder supporting tissues.  This decline begins pre-menopause but is accelerated post-menopause and may exacerbate damage that has been caused by pregnancy, child birth or a range of other factors.  Mona Lisa Touch can also provide a minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenation by firming and tightening internal and external tissue, lifting mild prolapse, improving lubrication and enhancing sensitivity.

Mona Lisa Touch works by creating fresh hydrated and healthier cells that stimulate blood supply within the vaginal walls. This improves the integrity and elasticity of vaginal tissue as well as increasing the acidity of the vagina to normal levels. Restoring a healthy and more youthful vagina leads to many symptoms of vaginal atrophy and urinary incontinence simply vanishing.

Nearly all MonaLisa Touch patients experience life changing improvement in their symptoms, reporting better lubrication, a reduction in pain during intercourse, improved continence and urinary control, fewer vaginal and bladder infections, elasticity and vaginal tightening, increased sensation and improved self confidence. Mona Lisa Touch is often combined with highly concentrated PRP injections to regenerate orgasm sensitivity, to overcome female sexual dysfunction symptoms.

If you’re looking for mole removal or skin tag removal, Academy Laser Clinics offers the most advanced ScarLess mole removal options. Understandably, raised moles are unpopular with many people. This may be due to aesthetic reasons (facial moles) or for practical reasons, such as the mole rubbing against an item of clothing such as a bra strap. ScarLess Mole Removal using radiosurgery provides a quick and painless option for anyone who has raised benign moles, skin tags, seborrheic keratosis or other unwanted lesions. Radiosurgery isn’t used to remove flat moles or freckles but other options are available for the lightening of this type of pigment. Our Doctors will always pre-examine lesions to ensure there is nothing suspicious, prior to undertaking ScarLess Mole Removal treatment.

If patients follow post-treatment recommendations, removal of moles and skin tags by ScarLess radiosurgery will leave a perfectly flat and blended result. The skin on the face generally heals more quickly compared to the skin on the body, plus skin on the body may end up slightly paler than the surrounding skin. To help with blending, laser or light therapy may be undertaken after removal until the area is undetectable and without any noticeable scaring.  Radiosurgery generally gives permanent results, tat said, sometimes, persistent lesions may reappear after a number of years in which case it is possible to retreat.

A face lift is a popular cosmetic procedure to help maintain a youthful appearance, however, invasive surgery has risks and downsides that may be off putting to some people and many are simply not ready for surgical face lift. The great news is that Academy Laser Clinics offers a “non surgical” face lift alternative – The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift. This procedure represents the latest technology in non surgical facial thread lift treatments, leading to a natural looking lift to the jaw, neck, face and brow. The procedure is performed with local so is quite comfortable and can be completed in under an hour. You may see immediate skin lift but the full results of collagen production and tissue firming will take 3 months or longer.  Silhouette Thread Lift is suitable for both men and women who want to combat the early signs of aging and delay or avoid invasive surgical options later on. Combined with dermal fillers (such as bio-stimulators), the treatment can last for up to 3 years or more.

You may be looking for a full face treatment or for specific areas, which can all be achieved with thread lift, especially when combined with wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers. Working on the mid face, the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift will redefine the contour of the cheekbone, firming up skin and providing a plumper appearance, a great combination with cheek fillers.  For the lower jaw, thread lift treatment can help to refine definition and contour along the jaw and lift the dreaded turkey neck. The brow can also be subtly lifted to open the eyes and raise the outer edge of the eyebrow. You might like to combine this with CO2 laser skin rejuvenation, wrinkle relaxers or under eye filler to give a full rejuvenation to the important eye area, the windows to your soul.

The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift has dissolvable threads with soft cones, each filed with a bio-stimulating dermal filler, which establish an internal structure (or scaffold) for the lifted skin, which are inserted using a very fine needle so there are no incisions or scars. The treatment works through the process of elevation and compression of facial tissues. It’s a treatment that is so quick, comfortable and minimally invasive, it is often referred to as the ‘lunch hour face lift’.  For more mature patients, priming the skin with biostimulator fillers or prescription Vit A products for a few weeks prior to treatment will help to improve elasticity and the effectiveness of results.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a 100% natural therapy used for skin and tissue regeneration and cosmetic volume, which uses your own concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins. PRP works by activating stem cells and releasing growth factors, leading to tissue repair. PRP has a long history of use in wound healing and dentistry. Academy Laser Clinics loves the advanced EmCyte Pure PRP II for PRP Injections. This is the world leading PRP extraction system in terms of platelet concentration and the most efficient at restoring natural volume and enhancing the health and youthful function of skin.

PRP is rapidly gaining popularity due to improvements in extraction methods and the wide range of tissue regenerative benefits. These include: stimulation of collagen to plump wrinkles and acne scars on the face, neck, chest, stomach, hands and knees; improved cellular function and toxin excretion, which helps reduce acne and results in a clearer complexion; material cell hydration meaning a gorgeous glow; hair follicle stimulation for hair loss; and, regeneration of vaginal and penile tissue and blood flow to assist with post menopause urinary incontinence, enhanced female orgasm and erectile dysfunction.

There are many advantages to using PRP for cosmetic procedures. PRP is naturally found in your body so  when extracted and re-injected under clinical conditions, there’s no risk of allergic reactions, sensitivity or other complications. Nearly all people are suitable for PRP treatments and it can safely be used on any area of the body that shows signs of tissue degeneration, ageing, skin laxity, decreased volume or poor blood flow. Even better, when performed by an experienced injector – and you can be sure that all Academy Laser Clinic Physicians are – the treatment causes very little pain and very little down time.

Hair loss is a concern for a lot of men and women and viable treatments have not always been accessible. Surgical options can be invasive, painful and costly., whilst hormonal medications have side effects and non-medical options have produced margin results. With improved PRP extraction and injection methods PRP scalp injections are now much more comfortable and producing very real and noticeable long-term improvement in follicle health, resulting in thicker and longer hair.

Along with addressing the face and body concerns of women, Academy Laser Clinics is a world leader in the provisions of non-invasive cosmetic treatments for men who are looking for penis enlargement or solutions to resolve erectile dysfunction symptoms. Full details of these procedures can be found on our partner clinic site CALIBRE Clinic.

Research suggests that almost two thirds of men have concerns regarding the shape and/or size of their penis. As men take more and more concern over all areas of their appearance – using skin products such as moisturisers, working out at the gym and taking care of what they eat to maintain a fit and healthy body – it’s completely natural that this concern will extend to all area of their bodies. Previously, surgical options for penis enlargement were highly invasive and caused significant down time for the patient, not to mention the associated risks of surgery. CALIBRE treatment for penile enhancement is a non surgical procedure that’s virtually pain free and there’s no down time. The treatment involves the injection of dermal fillers in to the shaft and, if required, head of the penis. This leads to increased penile girth in both flaccid and erect states. If larger volumes of filler are used, there may also be an increase in flaccid length.

While it may be a tough subject to broach, with up to 60% of men sharing your concerns, there really isn’t’ any need to feel any embarrassment. Men of all ages, for a variety of reasons have enjoyed the benefits of this safe, pain free and long lasting option, that increases the size of your penis. Patients don’t report any negative effects regarding sensation during sexual activity or strength of an already healthy erection. The difference is generally noticeable to both patients and their sexual partners. Results do of course vary slightly from patient to patient, but the best options for you and what you can expect will all be explained during your confidential consultation.

We also offer an erectile dysfunction treatment – the PRP Procedure. This a short (30 minute) medical procedure delivering long lasting healthy erectile function as well as prolonged sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction is very common and becomes more prevalent with aging. As the penile tissue ages, the vessels which create an erection become narrower and less sensitive to stimulation, which leads to erectile dysfunction, decreased sensitivity and limited control or premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction may be found in younger men due to surgery or other medical conditions, diabetes, drug side effects or illness. The PRP Procedure works by using the bodies natural concentrated blood platelets and growth factors to trigger a healing process, repairing and regenerating penile tissue and vessels. This in turn leads to enhanced blood flow and improved nerve sensitivity, which are both vital for maintaining healthy erectile function. Because PRP stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the treatment has the added benefit of rejuvenating the appearance of penile skin.

Academy Laser Clinics is lead by Medical Director Dr Jayson Oates, FRACS. Dr Oates is an Otolaryngology Head Neck and Facial Plastic surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience. Having gained his Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor or Surgery he commenced his Otolaryngology training, finishing in 1997. Following this, an interest in cosmetic and plastic surgery lead him to undergo further training in the USA and Europe, before establishing Academy Face and Body in Perth in 1999. He served as President of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery for 6 years from 2005. It was during this time that he developed a wider interest in lifestyle medicine, expanding his cosmetic surgery to include snore reduction, body reshaping, medical male enhancement and vaginal rejuvenation.  Dr Oates is widely recognized as a leader in his field and he is actively involved in the training and development of all physicians and nurses at Academy Laser Clinics. Dr Oates also makes regular appearances in the media commenting on stories relating to his areas of expertise.

In our Sydney Clinic, in Crows Nest, Dr Steve Crimston MBBS FRACGP, Dr Gavin Scriven
MBBS FRACGP, and Dr Stephanie Hyams BMedSc. MBBS(Hons), FRACGP, FACAM are the core members of our team, supported by our fantastic nursing and support staff. Dr Crimston has been working in the health care industry for over 16 years and is a highly skilled cosmetic physician. He completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, and following this gained his Fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practice.  Dr Crimston has a background in Aviation Medicine and has extensive knowledge of, and experience in the management of skin conditions, minor surgeries, laser therapy and advanced cosmetic injectables.  Dr Crimston is an approved Allergan Industry trainer for injectable techniques and a member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Scriven is a highly skilled and experienced thread lift, laser therapy and cosmetic injection physician. Also gaining his Bachelor or Medicine and Surgery from the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, he has a background in Aviation Medicine and Aeromedical Medical Evacuation. Dr Scriven has developed an excellent reputation as a cosmetic doctor, addressing patient concerns and recommending treatment plans leading to optimal results for both men and women.

Dr Stepahnie Hyams has over 10 years of experience as a cosmetic doctor. After graduating with honors from the University of Sydney, she worked in public hospitals, specialising in critical and emergency care before specialising in general practice, aesthetic medicine.  and more recently, integrDr Hyams is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and trains other doctors as they prepare for their fellowship. She has a strong interest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and is an approved Industry trainer for cosmetic injectables and Silhouette thread lift.

In Subacio, Perth, Dr Christine Cheong MBBS FRACGP, DCH, VGDWH and Dr Cuong Danh MBBS FRACGP are ready to provide expert advice and treatment. Dr Cheong is a Laser Physician and Mona Lisa Touch Consultant. She gained her General Practice Fellowship in 2010, and worked as a GP, with a focus on woman’s health. Dr Cheong brings extensive experience in post menopausal changes and wider impacts these can cause on a woman’s health and wellbeing.

Dr Danh is an expert Laser Physician and Cosmetic Injector. Gaining his fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practice in 2013, he has a background in family and emergency medicine, as well as being an expert in the management of skin conditions, minor surgeries, emergency and family medicine. Dr Danh also regularly lectures and provides training in advance injection techniques.

Academy Laser Clinic Sydney and Academy Laser Clinic Perth offer are a wide variety of non invasive treatments for a range of cosmetic and lifestyle concerns. Their cutting edge treatments, delivered by highly skilled and caring medical staff are designed to provide optimal results for you, leaving you feeling confident, looking great and ready to be a better you.

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Academy Laser Clinics

Academy Laser Clinics specialise in world leading laser treatments and advanced cosmetic medical procedures to improve your skin, sleep and intimate concerns.

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