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November 24, 2017
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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal at Academy Laser Clinic is quick and convenient

In the majority of cases, marks on the face and body are only an aesthetic problem. One of the most common skin marks or lesions that do not pose health risks is skin tags and moles. People usually seek to remove these marks due to irritation or for cosmetic purposes.

Skin tags are tiny, often pedunculated, brown or skin-colored papules that frequently occur where the skin folds. Skin tags are also known as acrochordons or fibroepithelial polyps. The most common sites of skin tags include the neck, eyelids, groin, and axillae (armpit).

Moles are dark brown isolated spots that are usually raised. The marks tend to be present from birth, although they sometimes appear with age. Moles are also referred to as Nevi. These skin lesions are often unappealing to many people. There is an increased demand for treatment options to get rid of these marks.

Academy Laser Clinics offers completely safe skin tag removal and mole removal procedures. The technique used at the medical clinics does not leave a scar and produces exceptional results. Below is a detailed overview of the treatment option offered for skin tags and raised moles.

Academy Laser Clinics removes skin tags and moles through Radiosurgery. It is a fast and painless medical technique that does not leave any post-treatment scars. However, this treatment option is not applicable to all types of skin tags and moles.

ScarLess Radiosurgery is recommended for individuals with raised moles that are benign, skin tags and seborrhoeic keratosis (basil cell or senile wart papilloma). It can also be useful for any other forms of unappealing lesions on the face and body. Academy Laser Clinic does not treat non-raised (flat) moles or freckles using ScarLess Radiosurgery. Fortunately, the clinic offers other treatment options to improve the appearance of the hyperpigmentation associated with these skin marks.

Patients who have moles that have changed shape, size or color cannot undergo this procedure. Any change in a mole should undergo testing, as it may be a melanoma. Exclusion from treatment may be the case if it grows more than 5 mm in diameter, its borders become irregular, its coloring becomes uneven, or it bleeds. Academy Laser Clinics will always recommend pathology testing or shave biopsy to rule out any underlying dermatological conditions.

Radiosurgery to remove skin tags or moles utilizes radio frequencies to excise or shave off the lesions manually while cauterizing the surrounding tissue. This procedure eliminates the need for scalpels, blade cutting, and sutures. There is minimal bleeding. All these factors reduce the risk of post-surgical scarring significantly.

The process is preceded by an initial doctor’s consultation. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the patient’s dermatological history and
skin type. The assessment serves to ensure that the patient’s skin tags or moles are suitable for removal.

ScarLess Radiosurgery is performed under local anesthesia that the doctor will administer via injection. Academy Laser Clinics employ several techniques in the Radiosurgery program. The specific method used will depend on several factors including type, size, and elevation of the skin tags or moles.

The most commonly used technique involves a wire loop that is used to excise the lesions. In some cases, the doctors may utilize a wire tip for the excision. The skin tags or moles are excised just below the surface of the skin. This technique initiates the natural healing process resulting in a smooth and level skin resembling the surrounding tissue.

The entire procedure is quite fast and will last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The duration of the treatment will depend on the number of skin tags or moles being removed, the location of the marks as well as their size.

Post-treatment care is critical if patients are to realize optimal results following ScarLess Radiosurgery. Academy Laser Clinics recommends an effective aftercare program that the patients have to follow. The programs are detailed below:

  • Patients should use band-aids and apply pressure to the sites on the first and second days. This is meant to control any mild pinpoint bleeding that may occur with this treatment.
  • The wounds should be kept moist through the application of antiseptic wound cream or Vaseline. Patients should also cover the affected areas with sterile band-aids until they are completely healed. Replacement of the band-aid every few days is also recommended.
  • Patients are provided with a silicone healing gel that helps with the skin healing process and subsequent redness.
  • Laser therapy is also recommended to improve the appearance of any coloration that remains following the procedure.
  • Patients can undergo secondary treatments to get rid of the huge skin tags or moles entirely.

The removal of skin tags or moles at Academy Laser Clinics is involves no downtime. Patients can resume their regular routines immediately. The result of this procedure is flat and uniform skin. The results are optimal when the patients follow the recommended post-treatment care regime.

The skin on the face heals a lot faster than the skin on the body. The facial and neck areas should recover within one or two weeks. The procedures performed on the back and limbs often take longer to heal. The treated areas may exhibit slight paleness and this effect is common with body treatments and for patients with olive or darker complexions.

Secondary laser and light therapies can be used to address any discoloration that remains. It is important to note that, most of the results expected will vary from patient to patients. The reason for this is the differences in skin tag or mole type, size and location.

The results from the removal of skin tags or moles at Academy Laser Clinics are excellent and can last for years. However, a small percentage of individuals do possess persistent lesions that may require treatments every few years.

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