PRP Injection

PRP Injection

Despite major advance is cosmetic treatments over the years, it still remains impossible to stop people from aging. As people grow older, they become more and more exposed to the usual aesthetic and lifestyle concerns that come with aging. As time goes by, stress, aging, acne, changes in hormones, exposure to the sun amid numerous other factors combine to damage the quality and appearance of life. Serving as a constant reminder that our lives are like an hourglass, with time slowly ticking away. While we can’t stop aging, we can help you reduce the appearance of aging with prp injection, a new procedure available at our clinic.

Academy Laser Clinics offer world-leading services in laser treatments and advanced cosmetic medical operations to counter these common aging factors and their consequences. The medical facilities based in Sydney and Perth Australia are equipped with proven state of the art technologies, highly innovative techniques and vast experience across the entire staff. One of the key medical technologies offered here is the PRP injection.

As we age and we expose ourselves to the aforementioned aging factors, the natural skin cell regeneration slows down. This results in wrinkles, lax tissue, pigmentation and a general decline in the youthful appearance most people strive to maintain. While there are ways one can slow down these processes such as applying sunscreen and other creams, none of these re long-lasting solution. This is where the Academy laser clinics come in.

At the facial rejuvenation clinic, laser treatments are customized depending on the specific skin condition to be addressed. The treatment varies in intensity with a more intense treatment leading to a better result though this takes a longer period of time to fully recover. When creating a treatment program, one’s unique circumstances are considered as well as their available downtime so as to make the operation as smooth as possible for the client. The result is a clearing of pigment, smoothing of fine lines and a genuinely fresher and younger looking skin. Anyone searching for skin tightening or treatment of acne scars is welcome to try out this treatment for themselves.

PRP Injection Treatment

Those who are interested in a natural form of therapy should try the PRP treatment. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. This is a technique that uses a persons own concentrated blood platelets as well as bio-active proteins to regenerate skin and other body tissues. It works by releasing growth factors and activating stem cells resulting in repair of tissues. PRP has earned a lot of recognition as a game-changer for its wide range of benefits and applications. These include collagen stimulation to help treat wrinkles and acne on the knees, face, stomach, neck, chest among others.

How the PRP Injection Works

It helps enhance cellular function and excretion of toxins which reduces acne and leads to a much clearer complexion. Similarly, PRP has massive benefits in cosmetic operations. Since it is naturally found in the body, PRP injection does not result in allergic reactions or other related complications. It can, therefore, be used on almost anyone and on any part of the body that is prone to cellular degeneration, skin laxity, aging, and reduced blood flow. PRP scalp injections are available for those who have been searching for a viable alternative to the surgical procedures for hair loss that are known to be expensive, invasive and painful. This treatment produces noticeable improvements in follicle health and this leads to longer, thicker and better-looking hair.

Other Uses Of PRP Injection

Academic Laser Clinics also help men with their concerns as much as they do with women. Research indicates that more than sixty percent of all men are concerned about the shapes and sizes of their penises. In partnership with CALIBRE clinics, Academic Laser clinics offer solutions to men seeking penis enlargement or those suffering from erectile dysfunction. The PRP procedure for this takes less than thirty minutes to complete and delivers long-term erectile function as well as prolonged sexual activity. Though it is most common in older men, erectile dysfunction can affect young men as well due to drug use, illness or other reasons. It is caused by a narrowing down of the vessels that cause an erection. This leads to premature ejaculation, limited control, and erectile dysfunction. The PRP procedure uses the body’s natural growth factors and platelets to initiate a healing process to repair and regenerate the penile vessels and tissues. This results in improved blood flow and subsequently better nerve sensitivity.

Patients who have tried the PRP procedures have reported no lasting side effects and are generally very pleased with the services rendered. Academy Laser Clinics combines all technological advances and their experience levels to make sure that their clients get optimal treatment.

Cosmetic Therapy Procedures

For those who experience sexual discomfort, vaginal atrophy, frequent urination symptoms, laxity and other such conditions, there is a quick and painless procedure known as the Mona Lisa Touch. This treatment takes less than ten minutes to complete and has been proven to be a very effective in treating various symptoms. These symptoms include mild prolapse, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness or itchiness, loss of tone and elasticity among others. These symptoms are fairly regular with at least one in two women experiencing one of these symptoms in their lives. This is usually caused by a decline in estrogen production. This hormone maintains the function and health of the vagina and tissues supporting the bladder. The Mona Lisa touch works by producing new and healthier cells that allow blood supply within the walls of the vagina. This operation restores the acidity of the vagina to normal levels and enhances tissue elasticity within the vagina. This also improves lubrication and makes most of the symptoms disappear.

The Academy Laser Clinics also help in removing moles or skin tags. The clinic offers advanced scarless mole removal options. Given that raised moles are not popular with a majority of people, doctors at the clinic always take precautionary tests to make sure that there is nothing suspicious before they proceed with the scarless mole removal treatment. This process will often leave a perfectly blended result. This is because facial skin usually heals faster than any other skin on the human body. To help enhance the blending, laser therapy may be applied until the skin is perfectly blended.

PRP Injections Sydney Clinic

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