The O-Shot® for Women 

Enhance Sensitivity and Intensity of Orgasm

ONLY $999*

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* Select Appointments Available at our Sydney and Perth clinics. Upgrade to PurePRP double volume for only $249 extra 

The O-Shot® for Women; Enhance Sensitivity and Intensity of Orgasm

ONLY $999*

Contact Us to Redeem this Offer

* Select appointments available at our Sydney and Perth clinics now. Upgrade to PurePRP double volume for only $249 extra.

The O-Shot® procedure offers women a quick and simple method to enhance orgasm and sexual intimacy

Dr Stephanie Hyams is one of the few doctors in Australia who has completed training and offers the innovative O-Shot® procedure, originally developed by Dr Charles Runel from the US, creator of the Vampire Facial.

The O-Shot® procedure helps women struggling with sexual intimacy by improving natural lubrication, sensitivity and arousal. These issues can affect women of any age, but tend to increase as we get older. Patients have reported:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms

  • Increased libido

  • Younger, smoother vulva skin

Note – Patient results may vary so it is important to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your concerns and ensure the O-Shot® procedure is right for you.

The O-Shot® procedure is a comfortable 30 minute treatment performed by Dr Stephanie at our Crows Nest, Sydney Clinic

The procedure involves the extraction of highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), followed by a very specific method of re-injecting the PRP to amplify and augment the areas of vaginal tissue affecting intimate sensitivity.

PRP is a 100% natural skin and tissue regeneration therapy that has been used for decades in wound healing, dentistry and in the treatment of sports injuries. PRP activates stem cells and releases growth factors to trigger tissue repair and the formation of new blood vessels. This healing process helps to rejuvenate the vaginal areas essential for sexual stimulation.

The O-Shot® is performed after application of numbing cream and local anaesthetic so the procedure is quite comfortable and relaxed throughout. This is a walk-in / walk-out treatment with no downtime, although we recommend a few days before re-engaging in sexual activity.

Dr Stephanie Hyams BMedSc. MBBS(Hons) FRACGP FACAM

Dr Stephanie is a skilled cosmetic and women’s health physician with a special interest in the lifestyle concerns of women. She understands the intimate challenges facing women especially following child-birth, hysterectomy, post cancer-treatments and as a consequence of menopause.

You will feel comfortable discussing your personal concerns with Dr Stephanie and finding out about the latest medical solutions available to resolve these concerns.

The Perfect Combination for Vaginal Rejuvenation

MonaLisa Touch Laser and O-Shot procedure for only $1,499

Used in conjunction with the MonaLisa Touch Laser, the O-Shot® may also help with:

Ask Dr Stephanie how combined PRP and MonaLisa Touch Laser treatment can help you.

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