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Many people dislike raised moles and skin tags on their face or visible parts of the body. Sometimes these lesions are located in areas that rub against clothing or bra straps, which causes discomfort. For this reason, we receive lots of enquiries about the ability to remove these lesions safely and without scarring. Radiosurgery is a quick, painless and scarless technique to remove these lesions, see two of our happy patients below.

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Temple: Before/1mth/3mth                 Jaw: Before/2 weeks

Single session Scarless Mole Removal (*Patient results may vary)


Anyone with raised benign moles, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratosis (senile wart or basil cell papilloma) and other unwanted lesions on any part of the body might consider removal with ScarLess Radiosurgery.

We do not remove flat moles or freckles with Radiosurgery, but other treatments are available to lighten this type of pigmentation.

We will not treat any mole or lesion that has undergone a change in colour, shape or size. In this instance, we will suggest shave biopsy and pathology testing, for an all-clear, prior to treatment.


The removal of moles or skin tags from the face will generally result in perfectly flat and blended results, especially when post-treatment recommendations are followed. The skin on the body typically takes longer to heal (compared to the face) and the treated area may be slightly paler than surrounding skin. If any brown or pinkish colour remains, it is possible to treat with laser or light therapy until the area is near invisible and without any noticeable scar.

  skin tag removal sydney offers guaranteed resultsskin tag removal solutions that work

* Note – Patient results may vary.


Radiosurgery use radiofrequency to manually shave or excise the lesion, whilst cauterising surrounding tissue. This means no scalpel or blade cutting, minimal bleeding and no need for sutures, which significantly reduces the chance of scar tissue developing.

Mole Removal Video: Click here to see how we perform Radiosurgery lesion removal at Academy Laser Clinics



Mole and lesion removal is a Doctor-only procedure at Academy Laser Clinics. Before treatment, it is important to discuss your skin type and history of lesions to ensure they are suitable for removal. Whilst most lesions can be removed immediately, if anything looks suspicious your doctor may recommend a shave biopsy for pathology testing first.


Your Doctor will inject a small amount of local anaesthetic and the lesion(s) will be removed via a variety of Radiosurgery techniques depending upon the nature, size and elevation. Most often we use a wire loop to shave and scoop the lesion, other times we use a wire tip to excise the area. There is no cutting of the skin and no sutures are required. Lesions are removed just below normal skin level, which allows new skin to heal over smooth and level with surrounding tissue.

The treatment takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon how many lesions are being removed, their size and location.


– The treatment is not painful and has no downtime.

– Whilst Radiosurgery cauterizes the surrounding tissue, you may notice some pin point bleeding on the first or second day. This will stop if you apply pressure and use band-aides.

– We ask you to keep the wound moist by dabbing Vaseline or antiseptic wound cream and cover the treated area with a sterile band-aid until fully healed. You may replace the band-aid every few days to keep it clean, but please do not pick at the scab.

– Once the lesion has healed over it is best to use a silicone healing gel, which helps the new skin to heal smoothly and the redness to subside. This can be purchased from the clinic.

– Full healing depends upon the area of the body treated. The face and neck tends to heal within 1-2 weeks, however, treatment on the back and limbs may take a bit longer.

– If any colour remains, it is possible to treat with laser or light therapy until the area is near invisible and without any noticeable scar.

– Occasionally, some large lesions will require a second treatment to ensure complete removal.

– There may be lightening of the skin colour in the treated area, especially on the body and in olive or darker complexions.


The removal of raised moles and other lesions using ScarLess Radiosurgery are generally lasting, however, persistent lesions may return after a period of years. If any do return, it is possible to retreat as required.


Your initial consultation with one of our Cosmetic Doctors will incur a general consultation fee of $100. The cost for ScarLess mole and skin tag removal depends upon the size, location and number of lesions to be removed, but the following is a general guide:

  • 1 Mole / 2 Skin Tags = $450

  • 2 Moles / 4 Skin Tags = $650

Please ask us for a more precise quote over the phone or via email.


– We cannot treat any suspicious moles or lesions. These must undergo pathology testing for all-clear, prior to treatment.

– Olive and darker complexions may result in lighter circles of skin where moles and lesions have been removed, due to a loss of pigment.

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