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More common than asthma, anxiety or arthritis, incontinence affects up to 25% of people. 4.2 million Australians were suffering with urinary incontinence in 2010, and more than 70% of them were women. Perhaps even more surprisingly, over half of those who were suffering were under the age of 50. Although there may be a temptation to hope that symptoms will get better without treatment, the reality is that this will rarely happen. Actually, incontinence tends to get worse over time. Despite the fact that incontinence negatively impacts upon people’s lives, for example with social activities, work and personal relationships, many women don’t seek treatment. There’s no need to suffer however because incontinence can be treated, managed and even cured. As made clear through World Continence Week 2017, women need to be aware that incontinence is not, contrary to common misconception, a condition which naturally occurs from aging or child birth and must be lived with. You don’t have to live with these symptoms, nor do you have to expose yourself to the risks of surgical solutions. Academy Laser Clinics offer non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments with proven results.


Academy Laser Clinics offer treatments for women who are suffering from urinary incontinence that is caused by a break down in connective tissues supporting the urethra or by declining oestrogen levels. Oestrogen levels naturally decline in women who are nearing or are post menopause so incontinence is more likely amongst this cohort of women. Break down of connective tissues supporting the urethra is found post child birth because of the pressure and stretching that has been exerted. Our treatments may benefit any women experiencing urinary incontinence, but a doctor’s consultation will always be undertaken before treatment is carried out in order to rule out any other potential causes.


MonaLisa Touch laser treatment works by enhancing both the tone and elasticity of the front vaginal wall. This in turn provides support for the detrusor muscle, relieving the amount of pressure on the urethra. This treatment has been proven to improve both bladder and urethra control which reduces urge and stress urinary incontinence symptoms.

A series of treatments are required, and results from Mona Lisa Touch can last for up to 15 months. Following this, an annual single refresher session has shown to extend the results for many women.

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP regenerative treatment can be selected as a treatment on its own, or in addition to Mona Lisa Touch to enhance the results seen from Mona Lisa Touch. PRP works by triggering stem cell, regenerating nerves, muscles, collagen and healthy blood vessels, with results becoming visible after about 30 days. PRP leads to stronger connective tissues supporting the urethra and bladder. Again, we recommend annual treatments for optimum results.


Academy Laser Clinics are dedicated to offer high quality, non surgical and minimally invasive treatments. Our treatments are designed to restore healthy functioning of the vaginal and urethral tissues in order to support urinary control. MonaLisa Touch is a clinically proven treatment. It’s quick, comfortable and you can walk in and out without any down time. The MonaLisa Touch procedure successfully treats a number of vulvo-vaginal symptoms, particularly for peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women.

MonaLisa Touch uses specially designed equipment – a smooth and slim hand piece that is inserted into the vaginal canal –  which directs thousands of small beams (also called DOTS) of energy and heat onto the surface of the vaginal wall. The delivery of heat triggers a natural regenerative process, stimulating the activity of cells which create elastin and collagen – both essential elements of healthy tissue. This has a direct impact on the integrity and elasticity of virginal tissue as well as increasing the acidity of the vagina so it reaches normal levels. It’s common for patients to notice an improvement after one treatment session.  Three or more sessions are required to see a long lasting improvement in symptoms.

Academy Laser Clinics offer Pure PRPII, the most advanced method for extraction and re-injection of PRP. PRP uses your own naturally occurring concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins to stimulate stem cells, resulting in the formation of new tissues, muscle, elastin, blood vessels and nerves. Damaged tissue, pathogens and bacteria are removed by white blood cells, and a new layer of healthy collagen and elastin is able to grow; thus, the integrity of the vaginal wall is improved, leading to improved symptoms. Again, many patients will notice a difference within a week of the first treatment, underlying improvements start after 30 days, and three treatment sessions are recommended.


The first stage is an initial consultation with one of our specialist physicians. This may include a physical examination to ensure that you are suitable for treatment with our procedures. An up to date pap smear test showing a normal result is required before we can begin treatment. If our clinician observes any unusual conditions, we will either treat these first, or in some cases refer you to a gynaecologist for further assessment. If there are no issues, you may proceed straight to your MonaLisa Touch treatment. An initial consultation is also the first step for PRP treatments, during this expectations and concerns will be discussed, and an appropriate treatment plan devised.

Treatment Session

A MonaLisa Touch treatment is quick – lasting no more than 15 minutes. Firstly, your vagina will be dried and sterile smooth probe gently inserted. When the laser is operating you will experience a mild vibrating sensation, but don’t worry, this isn’t painful. You may experience mild discomfort during the first treatment session, however our patients have reported that the follow up treatments are very easy due to improved lubrication and the fact that they know exactly what to expect. All patients are supported by specialist team of doctors and nurses for the duration of their treatment, ensuring the highest standards of care.

The first step of the PurePRPII treatment is a blood draw. This is completed using a unique medical instrument which separates and harvests plasma, platelets, anti-inflammatory white blood cells as well as bioactive proteins. This takes about 20 minutes. The PurePRP is then re-injected back into the treatment area. Numbing cream may be applied and it is normal to experience mild swelling/ inflammation during treatment which normally settles with 24 – 48 hours of treatment.


MonaLisa Touch doesn’t have any side effects and patients are able to continue to go about their day straight after treatment. Patients are asked to refrain from intercourse or strenuous activity for five days.

For those patients who’ve received PRP treatment there may be swelling for up to 48 hours after treatment – if it doesn’t subside within this time, please contact the clinic. Patients may also experience some bruising and swelling at the injection site; this is completely normal for PRP. Patients are given full post care instructions which should be followed carefully.


Patients can notice the benefits of MonaLisa Touch for as long as 15 months. A single refresher session every 12 months will extend the benefits.  PRP results will last for about 12 months, and again we recommend an annual booster session.


For MonaLisa Touch, there is an initial consultation fee of $100 (this may be more if you require a consultation with a specialist).  Our standard pricing is:

  • Single treatment $850
  • Pre-paid three treatment package (4 weeks between each treatment) $2,400
  • Annual top up $550 (To be undertaken within 12 months of completed initial treatment package with Academy Laser Clinics.

Academy Laser Clinics uses the advanced EmCyte PurePRP II system because we believe this is the only PRP worth re-injecting.

A PRP procedure for intimate areas costs $1,350 per session (with a doctor)

Please contact us for information regarding discounts for multiple and combination treatments.


MonaLisa Touch is safe with minimal or no side effects. A minority of patients may have to delay their treatment or may not be suitable for this treatment. These  people include:

  • Those with current skin infections of conditions which need to be resolved first
  • Abnormal pap smear test results
  • Recent surgery or therapy for prolapse or cancer related issues
  • Those with unusual lesions for whom specialist clearance may be required.

Because PurePRP uses your body’s naturally occurring elements, there is no risk of allergic reaction or other complications when PRP is extracted and re-injected in medical conditions. Again there is a small group for whom this treatment may not be suitable. These include patients with:

  • Active infections
  • Low platelet count
  • Cancer or metastatic disease
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Lifestyle factors also play an important role with regard to continence. Avoiding being overweight helps, as does maintaining a healthy diet – an unhealthy diet causing constipation is going to put more pressure on the bladder and is therefore likely to increase the likely of incontinence. You should also avoid diuretics, which include caffeine as these actually irritate the bladder and cause you to pass more urine.

Another important component of treating incontinence is pelvic floor exercises and this is something we recommend to all of our patients. Like all exercise, to see the desired results, pelvic floor exercises need to be carried out regularly and correctly. The exercise involves squeezing in, around the vagina and anus, creating a feeling of sucking and squeezing. You need to squeeze and hold that for eight to ten seconds or about three breaths. For some women, the correct techniques comes very naturally, others find it more difficult, and like all exercise it is hard work. Many of our patients find it useful to consult a nurse continence advisor, continence physiotherapist or even sometimes their personal physical trainer to help them develop the correct technique.


Your first step is to book a consultation with one of our Cosmetic Doctors, which has a fee of $100. You do not require a GP referral. Following a detailed skin analysis, your Doctor will recommend the optimal treatment program for your skin concerns including any pre-treatment preparation.

To make an appointment, please Contact Us and make sure to check current promotions.


You are welcome to book a complimentary skin consultation with one of our Registered Nurses to determine if CO2 DOT Laser is the best treatment for you.  DOT Laser with our Nurses is entitled to a 10% discount on the standard rates

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