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How can we help YOU?


No Laughing Matter

Incontinence affects 1 in 4 people. In 2010 there were 4.2 million Australians with urinary incontinence – more than 70% were women! Over half of these women are under the age of 50! Incontinence is more common than asthma, anxiety or arthritis.
Incontinence rarely goes away by itself and will usually get worse over time.  The symptoms interfere with work, social activity and personal relationships, yet many women do not seek help.   But the good news is, incontinence can be treated, managed and often cured. It is important to realise that problems with incontinence are not a natural consequence of child birth or ageing and you do not have to live with these uncomfortable symptoms. These are the messages of World Continence Week 2017.

What Can You Do About Urinary Incontinence?

All the usual things – target a healthy weight and a good diet – avoid constipation, maintain good toilet habits, avoid smoking and too much caffeine (it irritates the bladder) and, most importantly, do your pelvic floor muscle exercises regularly. However, when good diet and exercise don’t improve symptoms, it may be time to seek medical help to ensure the cause of your incontinence symptoms are properly diagnosed and treated.
In severe cases, surgical intervention may be the only option but, for many women, non-invasive laser treatments and/or tissue regenerative therapies are providing welcome relief. To find out more, please Contact Us for a complimentary and confidential consultation.

Who Can We Help?

Our treatments help women suffering from urinary incontinence due to declining oestrogen levels or a break down in the connective tissues supporting the urethra and bladder. This is very common in women nearing or post menopause (when oestrogen levels naturally decline) and for women post child-birth, due to the pressure and stretching exerted on these tissues during pregnancy. However, any woman experiencing urinary incontinence or bladder control symptoms may benefit.

It is important to rule out other potential causes so a doctor consultation is always performed before a treatment plan is recommended.

Incontinence Treatment Options

At Academy Laser Clinics, we offer non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments to strengthen and restore the healthy functioning of vaginal and urethral tissue to support urinary control, including:
  • The clinically proven MonaLisa Touch laser, a quick and comfortable, walk in/walk out procedure that can successfully treat a range of vulvo-vaginal and urinary incontinence symptoms, especially for peri and post menopausal women.
  • Urethral connective tissue can also be regenerated to a more healthy, youthful state using highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy.   
For a complimentary and confidential consultation with one of our doctors or registered nurses, please Contact Us now.

Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatment For Vaginal Atrophy with proven results

Incontinence Treatment Results

A series of MonaLisa Touch laser treatments enhances the tone and elasticity in the front wall of the vagina providing support to the detrusor muscle and relieving pressure on the urethra. This has been shown to improve bladder and urethra control, thereby reducing both urge and stress urinary incontinence symptoms *

The results of MonaLisa Touch can last for up to 15 months and many patients find that a single annual refresher session will extend the beneficial results *

PRP Regenerative Therapy can be stand alone or an add-on to enhance the results of MonaLisa Touch.  PRP triggers stem cells to regenerate healthy blood vessels, nerves, muscles and collagen after about 30 days. The result is stronger connective tissue to support the urethra and bladder. Annual treatments are recommended *

What Next?

The medical team and support staff at Academy Laser Clinics have been helping patients with intimate and lifestyle concerns for years.  We understand that privacy and discretion are paramount, so please Contact Us for a confidential consultation with one of our doctors or registered nurses today.

If your symptoms are suitable for MonaLisa Touch and/or PRP Therapy, you may immediately proceed with first treatment on the day of consultation.


Our team of Doctors and Nurses have been specialising in aesthetic and lifestyle procedures for twenty years. We understand that the right medical team are key to providing trusted advice and experienced care to our patients

Dr Jayson Oates FRACS

Dr Jayson Oates is an ENT surgeon, a cosmetic surgeon and medical laser specialist with over 20 years experience. Dr Oates has established himself as a leader in the provision of medical solutions to resolve intimate and lifestyle concerns.

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