Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Now Available

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The PRP-Shot is a 30 minute medical procedure designed to deliver long-term healthy erectile function and prolonged sexual performance.

As men get older, their penile tissue ages and the vessels responsible for erection become narrower and less sensitive to stimulation. This can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED), reduced sensitivity and limited control (premature ejaculation). Younger men can also experience the symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to surgery, illness, drug side effects and other medical conditions.

PRP-Shot uses the patient’s natural and concentrated blood platelets and growth factors to trigger a healing process that repairs and regenerates youthful penile tissue and vessels.  This enhances blood flow and nerve sensitivity helping the organ to achieve and maintain healthy erectile function. PRP also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which has the added benefit of rejuvenating the cosmetic appearance of penile skin.

At Academy Laser Clinics we use an advanced and highly concentrated extraction system called EmCyte PurePRP II. For a procedure such as this, quality is worth it!

PRP-Shot is an ideal compliment to enhance the results of our CALIBRE medical penis enlargement procedure. Please ask about our treatment packages.



Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a natural skin and tissue rejuvenation therapy using your own concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins. PRP activates stem cells and releases growth factors, which triggers tissue repair. For this reason, PRP has been used for decades in wound healing and in the treatment of sports injuries. PRP has the same repair and regeneration effects on penile tissue and skin.

PRP is autologous, meaning it is found naturally in your body (i.e. your blood). Because of this, PRP poses no risk of allergic reaction, sensitivity or other complication when extracted and re-injected under sterile medical conditions.


Men report the following benefits following PRP-Shot:

  • Stronger and longer-lasting erections
  • Extended sexual performance
  • Increased sensation
  • Enhanced appearance of penile skin
  • May assist with prostate discomfort
  • May assist with urinary incontinence symptoms

Most patients will notice improved skin hydration within a week of treatment and the underlying tissue regeneration kicks in after 3-4 weeks. Results will typically last 12-15 months but as ageing and lifestyle factors continue, an annual top-up session is recommended to extend the improvements. 

* The results from PRP-Shot may vary depending upon your unique circumstances and the underlying reasons for erectile dysfunction. This will be discussed during your confidential doctor consultation.


Male PRP-Shot with PurePRP II is generally a single treatment, however, more advanced symptoms or tissue damage may require a second or third session.  Results can be maintained with an annual rejuvenation treatment.



The PRP-Shot works by taking a small amount of the patient’s blood and separating out the platelets, monocytes, and growth factors that will be used to stimulate stem cells and growth factors that lead to the regeneration of penile tissue. This takes about 20 minutes.

The area is numbed using anaesthetic cream and the concentrated PRP is re-injected into the areas of the penis that are most important for blood flow and sensitivity. Our experienced doctors ensure the process is quite comfortable and takes only 10 minutes.

You will experience a mild inflammation and swelling during treatment, which is what we want to see, but this will subside within 24-48 hours. To reduce the chance of bruising, you should avoid Fish Oils, blood thinning medications and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID’s) such as Nurofen and Voltaren in the week leading up to your PRP-Shot session.


After PRP-Shot the treated area may be swollen for up to 24-48 hours but should settle down as the body resorbs the fluid. If swelling does not subside within 48 hours, please contact our clinic. You may also experience spot bruising and tenderness at the injection site, which is normal.

Keep the area clean for one week and avoid sexual activity and strenuous exercise for 3 days. Post treatment care instructions will be supplied and you should follow these carefully.


A Doctor consultation is required prior to undertaking the PRP-Procedure with a fee of $100. This consultation fee is waived if you elect to proceed with treatment on the day of consultation.  The standard pricing for the PRP-Procedure is as follows and we offer Package rates if more than one session is recommended by your Doctor:

No. of Sessions

Fee (incl GST)

Single Session


Two Sessions


Three Sessions


  • Existing PRP-Procedure patients are entitled to a 10% discount off their annual refresher

  • Existing CALIBRE patients are entitled to a 10% discount off all PRP-Procedure package prices

  • Patients interested in PRP-Therapy for another area such as the face or neck at the same time as PRP-Procedure, this may be added on for an additional $500 per session.


At Academy Laser Clinics we only use EmCyte PurePRP II for re-injection PRP Therapy. The PurePRP II system features an advanced cell separation method that can achieve an efficacy and concentration that no other PRP system can match. All red blood cells and inflammatory white blood cells are removed and the platelets, monocytes and certain nutrients are carefully concentrated to create a treatment that is re-injected in the body in precise amounts.

The EmCyte PurePRP II system was founded and developed in the USA by Patrick Pennie, a qualified ‘Cardiovascular Perfusionist’ (the medical clinician who controls the blood supply through the heart-lung machine during cardiac bypass surgery). Using his in-depth knowledge of cell biology and blood handling techniques he developed the unique Emcyte conical design, equipment and separation protocols. The result is a system that achieves purer-quality separation and higher cell concentrations with the least amount of damage to the cells. Earlier PRP systems and basic test-tube systems are not capable of achieving such quality or precise concentration levels, and therefore are not able to achieve the consistent treatment results that Emcyte PurePRP II delivers.

Read here for a clinical comparison of different PRP extraction systems


PurePRP poses no risk of allergic reaction, sensitivity or other complication when extracted and re-injected under medical conditions, however, it may not be suitable for patients with:

  • Cancer or metastatic disease;
  • An active infection; or
  • A low platelet count.

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