Academy Laser Clinics specialise in world leading laser treatments and advanced cosmetic medical procedures to improve your skin, sleep and intimate concerns. Our medical facilities in Sydney, Perth and Bunbury offer proven technologies, innovative techniques and decades of experience across our Doctors, Aesthetic Nurses and Dermal Therapists.

Academy-Laser-Clinics-is-a-specialised-skin-clinic-Academy Laser Clinics has evolved out of 20+ years experience in cosmetic medicine, otolaryngology (ENT) surgery and gynaecological practice. Our principal surgeon, Dr Jayson Oates (FRACS), supported by colleagues such as Dr Ron Jewel (FRANZCOG) have dedicated their lives to treating patients with a wide range of aesthetic, respiratory, lifestyle and gynaecological concerns. Throughout this time, they have continuously researched and applied the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment available on the market.

From these years of experience and research, our team identified a range of equipment, techniques and dermal therapies that delivered maximum results with minimum downtime. Our goal was and continues to be:

Provide our clients with the very best, non-surgical and proven treatments for anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, snoring and intimate concerns.

Our primary treatments include:

Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser – this is the most powerful skin resurfacing laser on the market and generally regarded as the “gold-standard” treatment for non-surgical improvement of many skin and membrane tissue concerns.  Our doctors believed this special laser deserved focus, attention and mastery.  The fractionated CO2 DOT laser has extensive settings and can be customised to resolve many conditions, including:

  • Skin rejuvenation – light resurfacing to remove surface pigment and fine lines, whilst brightening and firming complexion.
  • Anti-ageing – deeper resurfacing to soften wrinkles and tighten skin plus stimulate collagen production to plump the skin;
  • ScarLess – flatten and soften acne scars, stretch marks, surgical and/or trauma scars;
  • MonaLisa Touch for vaginal atrophy and urinary incontinence resulting from a decline in oestrogen levels (a common menopause symptom); and
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation to improve tone, dryness, mild prolapse, light bladder leakage and reduced sensitivity (often following pregnancy and child-birth).

CO2 DOT Laser is an ideal combination procedure with other treatments treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (Pure-PRP), Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, cosmetic injectables, IPL photo rejuvenation and post-treatment cosmeceuticals to ensure optimal, long-term results.

Snore Stop Laser utilises different modes of the CO2 laser to warm the soft palate and trigger a healing process, which tightens the tissue and stimulates collagen production. This firms the soft palate and reduces its ability to vibrate, which is the main cause of the snoring sound. The best results appear a month after the recommended 4 session treatment program. Results last up to 15 months or until the throat tissues age and relax again, so a single annual top-up is recommended.

Radiosurgery (radio frequency, RF) equipment compliments our focus on beautiful skin.  This allows us to quickly and effectively remove non-cancerous Moles, Skin Tags and other raised lesions, eliminate unsightly Spider Veins on the face and ablate persistent Sebaceous Acne (SGA).

Silhouette Soft threads are the latest in non-surgical Face, Neck and Brow Lift.  This minimally invasive procedure provides a subtle yet effective lift and support to correct mid-face, jawline, eyebrow and neck sagging, in less than 1 hour, and without any scars. The perfect solution for those who are not quite ready or not keen to undergo surgical face lift options.

CALIBRE is a non-surgical penis augmentation procedure developed by our principal Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Jayson Oates FRACS. CALIBRE is designed to increase penile girth and may noticeably increase flaccid length for some men. The procedure is only performed by our accredited cosmetic doctors and involves the painless injection of a safe, leading-brand, cosmetic dermal filler.  This is the same product that has been used for many years in facial augmentation and is naturally and slowly reabsorbed by the body. The results are immediate, long lasting and can be performed during a 1 hour walk in/walk-out procedure, with minimal downtime.


Our team of Doctors, Aesthetic Nurses and Dermal Therapists are qualified, trained and experienced to ensure we can offer you the best advice and treatment plan ….. Rediscover the Most Beautiful You at Every Age!


Dr Jayson Oates (FRACS)

Dr Jayson OatesDr Jayson Oates is the Medical Director at Academy Laser Clinics, a highly skilled Otolaryngology Head & Neck (ENT) Surgeon and a renowned Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr Oates has performed thousands of CO2 laser (fully ablative and DOT) and Radiosurgical treatments.  He also developed the unique and effective SnoreStop Laser and CALIBRE penis augmentation procedures.  Dr Oates focuses on the continued improvement and expansion of our advanced procedures and is actively involved in the training and development of all our treating doctors.


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Your first step is to book a consultation with one of our Doctors, which has a fee starting from $100 AUD. You do no require a GP referral.
Alternatively, you may book a complimentary consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses.
Most treatments can be performed immediately or within two weeks of consultation.

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Our aim is to give you confidence. For this to happen you need to have confidence in us. At Academy Laser Clinics Dr Jayson Oates, FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons), leads a team of expert doctors and clinicians. Priding ourselves on providing exemplary treatments and only the very best patient care, at Academy Laser Clinics you’re in safe hands.

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